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What's A Razz?

Hey Friends, some of you may be familiar with a craze that's sweeping the web, especially if you're a collector.

RAZZ, in a nutshell it's a fancy word for raffle. For quite some time it was focused in the world of trading cards, but has taken off in popularity and crossed over to memorabilia as well. We have been running RAZZES on other sites for quite a while, and figured it was time to bring it into our world right here.

The formula is basic:

$100 item up for RAZZ
10 spots at $10 each, 20 Spots at $5, or 100 spots at $1 each etc...you get the picture.
Once all spots are claimed and paid for (via e-transfer or PayPal) we will go LIVE on FB and scramble all of the entry names using an online randomizing program for all to see in real time. The name that ends up on top after the scramble...wins!

It's simple, it's fun, and it's a great way to get some amazing pieces at a fraction of the cost.

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