Our Story


For The Love Of The Game founder Lee Mattina realized his passion for collecting at a very young age. Like most boys he began the hunt to satisfy his hunger for collecting, with trading cards. To him, nothing could compare to the feeling of opening a pack of cards and finding that elusive piece, his favourite player, an error, or on really special days, a limited edition. His true passion for collecting came when he met his first "BIG" athlete. At the age of 11, Lee stood in line at a local race track to meet NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. That day he walked away with a signed 8x10, but more importantly he was left with a memory that to this day is as fresh as the August afternoon that it was created. The 8x10 still hangs on his wall as a reminder of what it felt like to meet a childhood idol, and as a conversation starter to anyone that asks about the day he met Dale Sr.

Over the last 30 years Lee has been fortunate enough to realize that excitement again and again meeting top athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, and Pro Wrestling. No matter how many years passed he was still as grateful, and just as excited as he was when he was 11 years old. As his collection grew, so did his passion for the hobby, whether it was a signed napkin from a chance meeting at a restaurant or a seat from Old Yankee Stadium each piece came with its own story, and put a genuine smile on Lee's face.

In December of 2014, Lee decided to take his passion one step further and open For The Love Of The Game. His goal is to provide collectors like himself, whether it be boys, girls, men or women, young or old, new or experienced, the opportunity to feel the joy of making a memory, completing a set, or finding that perfect piece to add to their special room. 

In a time when the memorabilia industry is under a veil of question and doubt for legitimacy, especially in the world of online retail. We want to assure you that all of our products are 100% guaranteed to be authentic. We only do business with reputable dealers, and directly with the athletes themselves. Shop with confidence, when you buy from us you are getting the real deal. 

No matter what sport you follow, no matter what team you cheer for, no matter what player you consider to be the best. As collectors, when questioned as to why we do it, we all have the same answer. We do it...For The Love Of The Game